Ford creates video game to showcase new features

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is not just electric when it comes to the drive train. Ford has bundled tons of new features into the new Ford Focus and many of them will carry over to the Ford Focus Electric when it’s available later this year.

These new features include the Active Park Assist, and the Traffic Sign Recognition features. In order to introduce people to these features, and allow them to interact with the advanced safety technology, Ford has a new prototype video game using Microsoft Kinect motion detection technology.

Through motion detection technology, players use their hands to try and quickly park a Ford Focus. If done poorly, or slower than the 20 seconds it would take for the Active Park Assist to park the car and the game let’s you know.

Players can also attempt to beat the speed and accuracy of the Traffic Sign Recognition by using their hands to tag road signs while traveling along a virtual highway. The more signs you tag, the faster the signs fly by you.

Ford released the game earlier this month at Potters Fields park in London. Members of the media and public tested the game. Ford will be taking the game with them while they tour some selected European Ford events, and the game is being tested for roll-out in dealerships.

No indication was given as to whether this Ford Kinect game will jump to North American shores or if it’s Europe only.

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