Ford has been circulating a PDF document of driving tips to help owners get the most out of their Ford Focus Electric vehicles. The document is for potential owners as well as people who have purchased the Ford Focus Electric.

Tips in the document range from ridiculously obvious to actually helpful. For instance, in the maximizing vehicle range section, they list keeping the tires at their recommended pressure (obvious) and using the front seat heaters instead of the heater to minimize energy usage (helpful).

There are sections to help maximize your range, optimize the Focus Electric’s battery pack performance, charging your vehicle, and making it home safely.

Here are some of the tips contained in the document:

  1. The air conditioning will not directly affect vehicle performance, but it will deplete the battery charge more quickly.
  2. Unspool the entire charging cord while it’s in use, and don’t use an extension cord to charge the Focus Electric
  3. At a DTE of 0 miles the battery fill turns red and you will need to charge immediately
  4. Keep the Ford Focus Electric in a garage, if possible, if it will not be driven for more than seven days
  5. You need to leave time to charge and thermally condition the battery before use. This will help ensure optimum battery pack performance

Click to download the 2012 Ford Focus Electric tips

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