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Nov 22, 2021
I'm trying to find a SOBDM to replace the one in my 2013 FFE. The local dealer says that it is $4000, if they can find one. Does anyone have a lead on where I could look to get after-market parts or used parts?
eBay is the place you're most likely to find them.

My coworker had to junk his focus and it's getting parted out by these guys
So I finally found a used SOBDM at a junk yard in WY for $210 (plus $185 freight to Atlanta). The OEM part lists for $3990, but it is out of stock. Needless to say, I'm much happier with the price on the used part.

The donor car is a 2015 FFE with 36K miles, while mine is a 2013 with 67K miles. I'm not sure why the car is at the junkyard. Hopefully it is not for a bad SOBDM!!!! I

f I'm understanding this correctly, it should fit. I think it was the 2016 model that shifted to fast charging (which may have changed the SOBDM, but I'm not sure).

My local dealer says he will install the part if I find it, so I'm hoping he will follow through on that. I would attempt to change it out myself

BTW, this is the place where I found the part. They seemed to have 2-3 FFE available for parts

Mr. R's Auto Salvage
321 TW Road
Buffalo, WY 82834
[email protected]

It should be the same type for that replacement. The actual SOBDM doesn't have to do much with DC charging, so you could probably still use a newer one anyway. Keep us posted.
Congrats on finding the SOBDM cheap, and in Wyoming of all places.
Do verify that they are sending you the correct part. In the invoice, they call it a DC converter/inverter.
The DCDC converter is not the SOBDM, and neither is the inverter.
The SOBDM is the on-board charger. It is located on the underside of the vehicle, in about the center of the vehicle.
If they are not pulling the part from there, it is not the SOBDM.
Ok, I went to the website, and they hopefully are sending the correct part.
But something really has me puzzled. In the SF Bay Area, there are absolutely no FFEs in junkyards, same with Sacramento.
Yet some junkyard in the Middle of Nowhere Wyoming, has 8 of them. What???? And they pretty much look good at the front.
That maybe they were all SSN vehicles. The SOCs are showing -miles, so the HV batteries are probably toast.
I also noticed that they listed it as an inverter, so I did get them to send me a photo of the SOBDM before they shipped it. It is definitely a SOBDM, confirmed by the photo. I tried to insert a link to the photo they sent, but no success. But I do have a dropbox link to the photo:
Yep, thats the SOBDM. Congrats!
You would think that a charger that big, it could handle 10kw charging. I swear the charger in the Fiat 500E is half that size, and it can handle 7kw charging. Why is the SOBDM so damn big?
Since it's a platform conversion, they probably were fine with it being larger so long as it could be fit somewhere appropriate. Which isn't to say a higher capacity one couldn't fit in the same space, but they had no real incentive to go above and beyond.
Sorry for the long delay, but I was able to get my FFE over to the Ford dealer on 3/22/22 and they installed the new (used) SOBDM that I purchased from the junkyard in Wyoming. Great News, it worked!!!

My FFE is now running great.

Just to review, on 10/19/21 my car stopped receiving a charge via the charging cable (still charged by regen braking). I took it to the Ford dealer, they said it needed a "new charging system." They quoted me about $4,500 for the repair, most of which was parts. I told them I didn't think the car (with 65K miles) was worth that much, so I brought the car back home (with about 20 miles remaining). I purchased a Forscan reader, plugged it up and got the following codes:

SOBDM DTC U3000:04-AB===
Code: U3000 - Control Module

Additional Fault Symptom:
- System Internal Failures

- DTC Present at Time of Request
- Malfunction Indicator Lamp is On for this DTC

Module: Secondary OBD Control Module A

Freeze Frame :
-REAL_TIME: 264771509 s - Global real time
-TOTAL_DIST: 110053.0 km - Total Distance
-MAIN_BCCM_VOLT: 12.00 V - Main ECU voltage supply
-EXTERIOR_TEMP: 20 °C - Outside temperature
-PCM_SOBDM_PSR: PSR On - PCM to SOBDM Wakeup Status
-PWR_MODE_QF: Power Mode Undefined - Power Mode Quality Factor
-PWR_MODE_KEY: Key Out - Power Mode Key State
-INT_FAULT_CODE: 32 - Internal Fault Code

I went back to the dealer to ask more details. They said I needed a new charging cable harness. I asked about the SOBDM, they still said it was the harness, but that the part was no longer available and they could no longer repair it. I asked if they could repair it if I found the part myself. They said yes.

So I set about trying to find a charging harness. I called dealers in areas of the country where the FEE was primarily sold, with no success. No one sold a wiring harness alone, and none were listed as available on Ford's official parts website. I began wondering if I could rebuild it myself. Before attempting to do that, I ran diagnostic codes again with Forscan, but I noticed that there was absolutely NO mention of a wiring harness. I cleared the log, reset the DTC codes, and reset the modules. When I ran the scan again, all I was getting was a U3000:04 code, showing a problem with the SOBDM. I went back to the Ford dealer and they service rep again told me I needed a new "charger." I asked him for the part number. He said "the whole thing." I asked to speak to the specific mechanic (who received special training on the FFE). When they brought the mechanic up, he told me it was the SOBDM that was the bad part (not the "whole charging system," or the "charging harness" as the service rep was saying). Again, I clarified that they could install a used part if I found one. They said they would. I came back home and started searching, eventually finding a junk yard in Wyoming with 8 junked FFEs. I requested an SOBDM, sending them a image to make sure they were getting the right part (since they are also unfamiliar with EVs).

In the end, I paid $395 for the used SOBDM, including shipping, then $507 to have Ford install it, for a total of $902. Needless to say, I was thrilled to get it fixed for MUCH LESS than the original $4,500 that I was quoted.

I will try to upload invoices below
Also, once I had replaced the SOBDM, I requested that they send the old SOBDM back home with me. I wanted to open it up to see what is inside. I was thinking it was probably not that complicated of a part. I was wrong. See images below.

I opened up and closed the old SOBDM that wasn't working and had been replaced. I still have it, and if anyone is interested, it is yours for FREE if you want to arrange pick up/shipping. It weighs about 30lbs and ships from 30188 area code.

Here are all the screws with some of the black caulk or sealant they had used either under or in place of a gasket. It is an 8mm screw

It would probably be worth it to grab the bad one to keep for parts - seeing as I have 6 between the car and the charger stack. I'll see what's what with shipping.

In the meantime can you DM me the name of the place in WY? I'm seriously considering trying to get the DC fast charge parts - port, harness, contractor module, battery harness and possibly a newer SOBDM...
All of the contact info for the junk yard in Wyoming is on the invoice above. Here is the link:

This is the specific vehicle I got my part from:
Can u tell me exactly what Forscan device you use to pull code.
My daughter's Focus Electric down.
Congrats on getting it back on the road.
Kansas City
I personally like my OBDLink MX+, if only because it supports high speed CAN and medium speed CAN at the same time (the Focus uses both), but some folks prefer wired serial or wifi instead of Bluetooth. Not sure what the absolute cheapest ELM327 option is these days.

If you go bargain hunting, know that there are knockoffs that say they are ELM327 but are obsolete/buggy implementations or just plain lying.
I tried buying the same part you did, unfortunately they sent me the 110v charger you plug into the wall and into the side of the car ;/. Really annoyed by the whole interaction with them. I used the pictures you posted here to confirm with them that I was buying the same part you did and the costumer service rep assured me that it was indeed the part that they were selling.

I failed to ship it back to them (ADHD tax), so that was $310 wasted down the drain. I'm very hesitant to try buying it somewhere else for the same reason. It's frustrating. I have the exact same problem you have and just need this part to get my baby running again.