OBDI reader/programmer for P0A0A-00 AND P0A0A-08

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Feb 18, 2020
Dear members, having a massive problem. Have a car with following errors (interlock). Purchased a VXDIAG VCX NANO. Have done the physical worn for FSA 15B23, but cannot for the life of me get the OBDI to talk to the car to do the reprogramming.
Cab someone suggest a reasonable priced OBDI interface tool that does not take a rocket scientist to program to get it to work. Then I can purchase a short term lease on the Ford IDS and get this puppy up to speed.
Any and all help really gratefully accepted. (Help)!
Before you try to do the software thing, have you tried to do the hardware thing? Did you replace the shunt? Did you check the connector?

I think it would be fair to say that 95% of system failures are mechanical. P0A0A is an HVIL fault. These are typically caused by mechanical failures. Simply just a poor connection of a high voltage cable. But not the high voltage contacts, the HVIL contacts. If you have checked the connectors and did the shunt replacement as described in the bulletin, you should be able to clear the P0A0A code with forscan and a dual speed OBDII interface.

There is a separate Beta testing group that is working with the Forscan software developers to make module firmware programming possible with Forscan. You could try the Forscan forum.

For more hard core module programming, go to https://mhhauto.com.

For those curious:
How do you get Forscan to clear P0A0A? Dealer cleared it with no problem many times.

I was able to trigger the SSN warning twice with P0A0A code. This was caused simply by pulling out the orange interlock fuse behind the rear seats on the upper battery pack. Pulling out and re-insert. SSN. No other action.

I have Forscan for two months with the HS/MS OBDII plug on windows laptop. It can show the codes and clear some other codes but not P0A0A. Am I missing something with Forscan. Hate to tow the car to dealer just to clear code, no actual fixes.