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Mar 1, 2024
United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

We at ClearWatt are excited to invite you to an exclusive opportunity to beta test our revolutionary mobile app, designed to measure the real range and battery health of your electric vehicle (EV). šŸš˜ This is a unique chance not only to gain insights into your own vehicleā€™s performance but also to contribute to a greater cause - enhancing transparency and reliability in the second-hand EV market.

By participating, you'll receive a complimentary ClearWatt EV Health Report, offering valuable data on your EV's condition and performance. This initiative is perfect for those who are curious about the true potential of their EV and eager to support innovation in the EV community. āš”ļø

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up is straightforward - visit our website and fill out a simple form to gain instant access to our app. šŸ“±
  2. Once registered, you'll use your mobile phone as a telematics device, employing our app to gather and share data on your EV's real-world performance. šŸŒŽ

We're looking for participants who are enthusiastic about driving the future of EVs forward and are willing to be part of something that could significantly benefit the second-hand EV market. Your contribution will be instrumental in refining our technology, ensuring that future EV buyers can make informed decisions.

Participation is easy, and the insights you'll gain about your vehicle are invaluable. Donā€™t miss out on this chance to be at the forefront of EV innovation!

Join us now and take the first step towards a more transparent and reliable EV future!

Thank you,

The ClearWatt Team

FYI - this is for full Battery Electric Vehicles only - no Plug-in Hybrid EVs
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Thanks for the info, when will the app be available for public use? Is it available for both Android and Apple? What differentiates you from Recurrent?
Hi @cecil-t, we'll be publicly launching the app later this year. Before then, you can test the app whilst it's still in private BETA and you can get your hands on a free ClearWatt EV Health Report for your Ford Focus Electric.

The differences between ClearWatt and Recurrent
Whilst we're working to solve some of the same challenges as Recurrent, our approaches are different. Recurrent's solution seeks to uncover EV performance from connecting up to onboard vehicle APIs (where available).

Conversely at ClearWatt, we've devised a high frequency telematics based driving test which removes the need to connect vehicles up over a long period of time and allows a purely snapshot/moment in time analysis.
Hi ClearWatt
Two questions:
(1) exactly what data does your app analyze, and exactly how does it collect that data? [" high frequency telematics based driving test" is not informative]; and,
(2) is your app owned 100% by U,S. investors/owners, and if no, in what country is the controlling share owned?
Thank you.
These are great questions! Nonetheless, I see you are based in the UK so Iā€™ve moved forward with registering. Got an error registering my license plate. Submitted a bug report. Thanks for introducing your solution and I hope itā€™s successful!
I went on your guys website and only models 2013-2015 are listed. Are you going to add 2016-2018 models soon? As you know 2017 and 2018 models have an upgraded battery for range. It would be great to see my carā€™s info.