LED Turn Signals and Headlights

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New member
May 11, 2024
Has anyone had luck with LED Turn Signals blinking at the normal rate without adding resisters?

I've got a 14 with just over 75k on it.

I like having bright lights but trying to identify which lights these are equipped with was a pain! There's slots for a side marker/DRL filled with a blanking pylon type of thing and not a lot of guidance on these rather rare Mk3 electrics. An H1 fits but there doesn't seem to be a ground path built into the slot.

Rather then give up I figured I'd ask here
Hmm, the Turn Signal, Stop, Hazard Lamps wiring diagram shows "WITH BULBS" with incandescent bulbs and "WITH LEDS" with led bulbs, and they appear to be wired to the same connectors and pins. It also appears that the LEDs plug into the same connectors as the actual incandescent bulbs. Does Ford sell LED replacement bulbs?