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New member
May 25, 2020

My wife has a 2015 Ford Focus E. Today when she went to start it, the power button turned everything on and it said 'Press Brake to Start', but even though she was pressing down on it, the car wouldn't start. The brake doesn't feel any different than normal, and everything else looks fine, it's just that the ignition isn't reading the brake being pressed down. Would anyone know how to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you
Press on the brake pedal and see if the brake lights in the tail light up. If not, the switch that tells the car that the pedal is depressed is not working. You should hope it is that easy fix.

And never discount disconnecting the battery for a minute or so and then reconnecting. That reboot of the system seems to solve a variety of software bug issues.
It is attached to the brake pedal . It is the same one an ICE Focus uses. It is the highlighted piece in this diagram. It doesn't look easy to get to poking around under the dash. It looks like there are You Tube videos available.