23kw battery replacement

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Mar 21, 2023
The battery on my 2013 FFE had a leak, mixing 2 fluids together and now it is not a battery anymore. This is the BIG battery, and the Ford Dealer told me it would be $15,000 for a new one. Someone else told me that Ford Dealers are privately owned and another might have a better price. The car's current resale value is $1000. Does anyone know where I can get a new battery (that's not $15k) so I can keep using my car?
ener-z sells both batteries for $1,800 each. The even offer a financing plan with shop pay. I would try to get a 2017 or higher battery, as there were quite a few of the 2012-2016 model years that got the newer 33 kWh pack after their 23 kWh pack failed. But before that, you should get in contact with your Ford dealership or repair shop to see if they have the proper software to put the 33 kWh pack in your older FFE.