2018 FFEs sold out in California

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Sep 1, 2018
Well my FFE was in a pile-up and totaled.

Researched the heck out of it, and for the price FFE won out again, but 2018s are sold out in No. and SoCal. With tariff and production hoopla, anyone worried they might drop from lineup? And if not, when will 2019 arrive?

I personally think the new Nissan leaf SV is overpriced...cheap interior, a bit noisy, boxy drive (still), mediocre radio, $125 more a month w/tech(lease)150 range.
Hyundai Ioniq none to be had, nice interior tech option, 100 bucks more a month/wo tech. 125 range.

Tesla not ready for prime time.

Clarity-sold out.

Anybody want out of a fair, short lease?
Bad news confirmed.

Asked local dealer about 2019 delivery date. Ford Sales Manager replied that Ford has discontinued production of the FFE. :cry:
Ford plans to discontinue all passenger cars in the USA except for the Mustang, they are going to concentrate on trucks and SUVs in the future it appears.
Hey I just wanna ask a question about this Hyundai. Is it true that they offer a 5 year battery warranty while actually the battery lifetime is 5 years and this sh**t costs $5k??