Ford Focus Electric Specs

Final Assembly Location: Michigan Assembly Plant, Wayne, Mich.

Total battery capacity: 23 kWh

Power Output: 123-hp and 181 lb-ft of torque

Estimated cost to fully charge vehicle: $2 to $3
(based on nationwide average cost of $0.10 per kWh)

Charging Time: 3 to 4 hours on the 240-volt home charging station, up to 20 hours on a standard 120-volt outlet.

Battery Cell Manufacturer: Compact Power Inc, Holland, Mich.

Battery system: Lithium-ion, liquid-cooled/heated, recyclable

Wheel size: 17-inch

Other Features on the 2012 Ford Focus Electric

-Focus will have a unique, Microsoft-designed, powering feature that will charge the vehicle during off-peak hours, when utility rates are cheapest, to save on electric bills.

-MyFord Mobile is an app for your web browser, iPhone, Droid, and other mobile devices, to monitor and schedule the charging of your Focus Electric from anywhere.

-MyFord Mobile app gives you remote charging status updates, provides you with the location of the nearest charging stations and the most efficient route to get there, estimates the amount of CO2 emissions and money you save based on your driving style.

-MyFord Mobile app sends alerts when the car requires charging or has finished charging, allows you to remotely program charge settings and download vehicle data for analysis, as well as remotely start the vehicle and lock or unlock the doors.

-The owner can program the vehicle to use electricity from the grid to heat or cool the battery and cabin while plugged in – called preconditioning.

-Touchscreen with information such as the amount of charge left, the distance to the next charging station and the amount of gasoline saved.

-All-electric powertrain and single-speed transmission provide immediate responsiveness and smooth acceleration, up to a top speed of 84 mph.

-The first markets selected to receive the Ford Focus Electric are Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Tucson, Portland, Raleigh Durham, Richmond, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. to ensure charging stations at work and public spaces, and utility support for fast track approval of home chargers.

-Ford is investing millions to transform its Michigan Assembly Plant to build Ford’s 2012 Focus EV to keep production in America.

-Ford is planning on a volume of 2 million units per year.

– Ford refused to take part in the bailout, which initially hurt Ford’s image, and big investors wrote off Ford, but the brand has recovered and with the rollout of Ford Focus EV, the stock keeps rising.

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