SEMA car show Vegas

The upcoming SEMA Car Show will be hosted by the Las Vegas Convention Centre and will be open from 5th November until the 8th November 2013.

The show is part of the Automotive Aftermarket Week and is expected to attract around 100,000 attendees from all over the world. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, but its true colors are better indicated by its original title of Speed Equipment Market Association, downgraded by the authorities as being inappropriate in our modern age. It really is about tuning cars, and there will be many highly tuned cars on display along with the opportunity to get behind the wheel in some of them.

As the show will demonstrate, the modern tuning industry is more sophisticated than it used to be, and it is possible to tune a car without turning it into a carbon belching gas guzzler that used to be the case. Highly sophisticated electronic equipment will be on display that can not only make a car go faster, it can also make it more efficient.

There will be some excellent cars on display as well as some rather more dubious ones, but the show is really about the technologies that are available; the cars themselves are to a large part the fun bit. There are also competitions in which certain car manufactures have challenged top tuners to do their thing on standard production cars; an exciting show highlight.

Fast cars are a perfect match for the fast paced social side of Las Vegas. Don’t expect the delegates to be hiding away in their hotel rooms in the evenings putting the finishing touches to their presentations. The show has a distinct party atmosphere; forget the online casino, it is the real ones that are the attraction and you can be assured that SEMA Car Show attendees will be making the best of the social programme.

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