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    Lets take a poll, who has the most miles/years on their FFE?

    I have about 70k on my 2017. Still over 100 miles range.
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    Exhaustive quantitative Power and Energy values at speed

    This is all very interesting, but does not really explain a phenomena that I encounter occasionally. Most days with temperate weather, 75-80f, I can drive around town and get about 200-205 watt/hours per mile. There are occasions though that this goes to 230-240 watt/hours per miles for about 15...
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    supercharging for fords but not the focus electric

    The thing is, the 2017, 2018 Ford Focus Electric is not a car you would take on a long trip, so no real need for that adaptor. All the vehicles that would now be at Tesla, sites will free up the other level 3 chargers for the FFE use as well. I was a little upset they were not giving me an...
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    12v battery appears dead

    The future of the 12 volt battery is changing and Tesla is leading the way. All of their cars now come with a lithium 12 volt battery that should last the life of the vehicle. The Cyber truck is also lithium, but is now 48 volt. I have heard that there is still some 12 volt present, but most...
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    New owner question about displayed range and real world range.

    Well I live near Charleston SC. 50 miles is no more than 100 foot elevation change in any direction. This was also some sort of anomoly, must have been a strong tail wind or something. I can in many cases get 180-190 watt/hours per mile though. This is mostly going 30 mph and getting all the...
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    New owner question about displayed range and real world range.

    When I go places, I try to avoid the hyways. This ussualy means an extra 5-10 minutes and less miles to boot.
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    New owner question about displayed range and real world range.

    This is the best I saw, and yes I hyper mile my car always. 20% more per charge means 20% longer battery life. This shows a full charge after getting this almost unexplainable 161 what hours per mile in a 50 mile drive. Typically I get about 200 watt hours per mile.
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    New owner question about displayed range and real world range.

    The guess o meter is just that, but after some time it starts to make sense. I drive very conservative and see about 140 in the summertime and 120 in the winter. It never gets below 20 f where I live and summers are pretty warm in the 90's. It very much depends on what I did on the last drive...
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    Completely at a loss

    I installed a used lithium battery about 4 years ago for a cost of less than $100. I should never need to change it again. It is 1/3 the capacity of the lead battery, but should not be a problem as a daily driver.
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    Completely at a loss

    I replaced mine with a used Lithium Iron Phosphate 17 ah battery 5 years ago after the first one failed 2 years into using it. I found it for $75 and it will probably outlast the main battery. There were some slight modifications needed for fitment as it was a smaller battery that weighed about...
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    12 volt battery question

    When mine went out at 3 years, now 3 years ago, I went and found a used lithium battery since the charger only charges to 14.4 volts, the battery is good to 14.6. I paid $75 for a used one one that was not quite right, but I made it work. I don't think I will ever need to be changed it again.
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    2017 FFE Battery degradation

    I have a 2017 with about 64k miles on it. I have probably used fast chargers about 25 times, sometimes for only 10 minutes to just get back home after forgetting to charge the night before. About 10% of charging has been 120 volt, about 10% from 3.3 kw charher and about 25% from 5 kw chargers...
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    How Good is the FFE Battery Warranty?

    Keeping it plugged in all the time may be the culprit here. Even though 100% is not truly 100%, but more like 90%, that is still to high to keep it at for long periods. I only plug mine in when it gets below 40-50% and then only just before the next use. It is also not advisable to get below 10%...
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    Replace 12V battery in 2017-2018 FFE

    My battery just failed. I didn't use it for a couple of days and I had to jump it as it was only 9 volts. I drove it for an hour and then when I went to use it 4 hours later, it was really low again. Why does the battery only last just over 3 years in a vehicle that has a large start load? I...
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    Transmission fluid capacity?

    There are so many other variables that this test could only be done in a lab under strictly controlled conditions. Just a wind difference of a couple of miles an hour or even a change in direction would skew the results. And not to forget the amount of traffic, you might hit 5 lights instead of...