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    Battery completely dead after I just charged last night???

    So I charged my 2015 focus yesterday evening , this morning 530am I went down and moved it half a block so I wouldn't get a ticket . I hit the lock button once on remote heard it lock before I walked awAy . I go to leave 8 pm and nothing . Completely dead dead . I discovered the hidden key on...
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    battery Degradation over 5 years?

    I learned the battery consumption on freeway recently so I thought I'll go street way on the way home see if it lasts longer and it did with energy restored. So as much as I Love the freeway its more energy and time efficient if I don't. Bc it takes time to charge, I am not a fan.
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    obd2 scan devices

    I woul like one for Android / Bluetooth . I do not own a computer . Is this the correct one ?
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    obd2 scan devices

    So the OBDLINK MX will word on 2015 FFE?
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    EV not charging (2015 FFE)

    I tried two public chargers and it shiwed in app and yes i was charged by host for electricity used. Rings flashed when i plugged in charger but went dark . I could hear light humming while plugged in . Lights flashing green on public charger box . Nothing. I had it hooked up for almost an hour...
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    EV not charging (2015 FFE)

    So what did you find out was the problem? going thrpugh this very thing today. I plugged in charger rings light up , i can hear charging noises but battery dosent charge , i had it plugged in for an hour and nothing. No ring indicating charging . I was charged for the electricity that was used...