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    Camping with the Focus Electric

    Considering you weren't stranded and didn't freeze </s> I think you did very well. You learned a ton about the car and driving in foul and cold weather; the experience led you to useful suggestions for a portable L2 charger; and finally, you received a lot of interest and input at the forum...
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    Lets take a poll, who has the most miles/years on their FFE?

    We are at 92950 on a 2013 FFE, original battery, no major work done, in fact no work done at all (NIC tires, inflation, wiper blades, 12v battery replacement (?), dealer check-ins, custom parking lot bodywork). Purchased locally at ~85K in late 2022. Prior ownership & driving habits largely...
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    Replace 12V lead battery with lithium-ion

    I'm curious about your use of the car. It seems that with regular use, and a reasonable amount of attention, a lead-acid battery should last much longer. Occasionally I put a trickle charger on mine, if I'm not driving much, but it never needs to run for very long. I'm thinking that we're...
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    Personal data privacy

    Here's an article by Mozilla on the voluminous quantity of data that's collected by, and the failure of, some 25 top car manufacturers to protect the customer data that is collected. Some actually share or sell it. According to the article, none of the companies encrypt any or all of the data...
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    Lifting Points

    There is something called a pinch weld block that can rest on the jacking plate of a floor jack which in theory straddles the pinch weld. However, the welded flange on the FFE is about 7/8" deep and I haven't seen blocks available that have a groove that deep. In addition, the plastic trim...
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    Remote start not working

    Is there the capability to reset the BMS, and perhaps resolve issues with the remote not functioning as expected?
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    care for older battery

    Thank you, I found it there. :)
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    care for older battery

    Thank you for the several perspectives. The car wasn't cheap, but if I can get reliable use for 4 years I'll be content. The price was equivalent to (relatively low) early-COVID CA prices before the 30 to 40% increase that paralleled the economic recovery & gas price inflation. The charge...
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    care for older battery

    Greetings, new owner of a 2013 FFE here. ~86K miles, driving range mixed is 55 to 65 miles. Commute is 30 miles round trip. Currently I'm limited to home charging at 120v and public chargers, but I was wondering what the best charging scenario might be with this older battery to prolong its...