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    Thump + jolt when going from power to regen

    Motor mount?
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    P0A0A - High Voltage System Interlock Circuit 'A' in PCM module

    This is the schematic for the 2012-2016 front HVIL loop. You should have direct continuity from C1457A pin 3 to C1758 pin 55. You should also have direct continuity from C1457A pin 4 to C1758 pin 59. Note that in C1822B there is a shorting plate for the HV connector, and I believe there was a...
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    2015 Focus status

    Have you tried a battery state of charge correction with forscan? It might surprise you.
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    Vehicle For Sale 2014 FFE Silver Mint condition 105kmiles 32KWH battery installed 2 years ago. Needs control box which I have included. Battery shows 99% won't start.

    See this thread for some answers to your questions:
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    FordPass 5.0 & "Climate On Until..."?

    The FordPass app looks different on my iphone than yours Wind_Driven. Checking, it says it is version 4.31.2, yet when I go to the app store, the version there is 5.0.2, and I cannot download it. The open button is presented, no download or install. WTF?
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    Free adapter?

    1. Look at the state of Tesla. The stock price will tell you a lot. Since January 1st to today, the stock has been in decline. $248 to $176 today. Tesla was under his complete control. There was no one superseding him. All employees did what he said to do. He made himself fully responsible. 2...
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    Requesting Some Assistance.

    I am asking for a little help. Could those with a 33.5kW battery, and Forscan, please provide me the as built data file (.abt) for the BECM? I would like to compare it with mine. Ever since the craziness of the 12v battery being disconnected for a week, I am getting weird things happening with...
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    No cooling - fan races while charging

    That charging situation is odd. The fans only get noisy if I DCFC or Level 2 charge in warmer, low 90's ambient, weather. 110V charging is fairly quiet. The fan might turn on, but its not at high speed.
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    Free adapter?

    Was this with the Lectron adapter? Or the Ford-supplied adapter? Thanks
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    AllData Fail

    I finally broke down and bought a 1 month subscription to AllData for the FFE. 1. Information is difficult to navigate. 2. Serious lack of information. 3. 2015 is most recent model year, so the information specific to 2017 and 2018 is not available. 4. Information is only that copied over from...
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    Free adapter?

    Thank you for doing that!
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    LED Turn Signals and Headlights

    Hmm, the Turn Signal, Stop, Hazard Lamps wiring diagram shows "WITH BULBS" with incandescent bulbs and "WITH LEDS" with led bulbs, and they appear to be wired to the same connectors and pins. It also appears that the LEDs plug into the same connectors as the actual incandescent bulbs. Does Ford...
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    Part Wanted WTB: FFE lower battery connector "locking lever".

    Tesla was having a problem with service technicians sloppily attaching high voltage connectors and breaking handles and header alignment pins. The tooling engineers devised a jig that kept the handle in the correct "open" position while the connector was attached to the header. It was ridiculous...
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    Part Wanted WTB: FFE lower battery connector "locking lever".

    Congrats, what vehicle did you pull it from, another FFE, or other Ford hybrid product? Or different marque alltogether?
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    Soon to be owner of a 2013 FFE

    Thank you for the photos!
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    Free adapter?

    Good on you Calvin, I am going to cast my vote to deny Elon his $47B payout.
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    Battery completely dead after I just charged last night???

    So your remote battery is dead? Or the 12V battery is dead? The only way to loose the HV battery charge over night would be to leave the climate control on. If the 12V battery goes dead, the car acts crazy. If the remote battery is dead, you can put the remote onto the special spot in the...