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    Lets take a poll, who has the most miles/years on their FFE?

    We got second hand 2015 had the first battery replaced under warranty. Has not missed a beat since. Still getting same milage as when we first got it. Battery replaced I think in 2020.
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    Lets take a poll, who has the most miles/years on their FFE?

    2013 243,607km or 151,367 miles and still going
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    Failed High Voltage Battery

    Ford replaced my battery on my 2013 while covered under 8 year drive train warranty. How many years would you like ford to cover for? Have have people I know not able to get engine parts for a car under 5 years old. It was a bit of a disappointment.
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    Remote start not working

    If a different batter is used with a different cc amp capacity the car will need to be reprogrammed for it.
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    Sync System

    Pull fuse 79 under glove box. Leave out for at least 60 sec for system to reset
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    FFE/Sync Software Versions

    Yes you will need it reprogamed. With out the leaf tab you can not see battery state of charge. Also settings for cabin precooling ,preheating and value charging. I had to get mine redone on my 2013.
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    Battery overheating? during drive and charging

    Check coolant level. Have dealer do a coolant system purge. Ask them to do it twice. This will get rid of any air trapped in system and if one of the coolant valve are not working it should show up while they are doing the procedure. Hope this helps.
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    Stop Safely Now Warning

    Call dealer back. Have them check 8 year 100k mile coverage on electric power train.
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    Auto door handle sensor not working

    Try changing battery again. Use a brand name battery like Eveready or Duracell. Have had no name ones not work new from the store. 2013 ffe 2013 c-max
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    Help, Focus electric won't start after 2 weeks - my options?

    I think you might be posting in the wrong topic. Do you know why it is not starting? Has anyone done a diagnostic scan on the car?
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    I have strange issue with my Charging Port Light Ring

    My nephew's light ring replaced twice. I think it was done under warranty. He drives 2012 ffe. I have had no problems with mine. 2013 lease return. Had for almost a year. Great car. No problems.
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    Problem Moving from a Stop

    I once had to start the car with the moble app. Then pushed the start button in car with my foot on brake. Thankfully this was in my driveway. 2013 ffe lease return
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    No heat.

    Try turning on Def. High. It is the red Def button above the on/off button on the hvac control panel. Mine was not working and did this and have had heat on Any setting ever since. Worth a try and my save a trip back to Ford. 2013 ffe lease return.
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    Problem Moving from a Stop

    I have had this happen but only when in a hurry. I make a habit to start the car then put on my seat belt. Never had it happen then.
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    New FFE owner with a question

    I have a 2013. If doors are locked the rear latch button will not work. If I have the key fob with me it will open.
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    Dear Ford...

    If you have not got charging ring light turned off goto YouTube and search. It gives a detailed video from Ford.