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  1. J

    12v battery appears dead

    I didn't read all that, lol. I just chimed in to say just buy a replacement 26R battery. The old ones get recycled anyway.
  2. J

    obd2 scan devices

    Amazon is pretty liberal with returns. Buy and return if it doesn't work and you have no other use for it. The EX works (I've used it) but I assume you want wireless.
  3. J

    2017 ford f150 XLT
  4. J

    Free adapter?

    Anecdotally, the only DCFC charger I've had issues with is the Road Ranger charger with the integrated battery. They work fine with my wife's I-Pace. But I've tried it twice with the Focus and could not get it to work. I think it's a software issue. None of the other five or so charging networks...
  5. J

    Free adapter?

    I'm sure other vendors will produce compatible adapters soon, but it's unclear whether Tesla will support other EVs that aren't listed in their app. The Focus can't be added as a EV to the Tesla app, but there's a section for "other."
  6. J

    Considering an FFE

    I would recommend against it. The issues with the battery leaking occur too frequently, and any remaining warranty won't last very long. The warranty on my 2017 is up in early 2024, so I can't envision how that 2016 would have much warranty remaining. It also lacks DCFC. Timely dealer service is...
  7. J

    Would you buy another BEV?

    Unfortunately there is an income limit.
  8. J

    Would you buy another BEV?

    Definitely, but on the fence as to what. My wife now has an I-Pace which is a joy to drive when she lets me drive it. But I WFH most days, so it's difficult to spring for another hefty vehicle payment for a car that I won't put many miles on. I'm either going full value with something like a...
  9. J

    Lets take a poll, who has the most miles/years on their FFE?

    My 2017 has 73,000 miles. You can check battery capacity using Forscan and OBDLink EX.
  10. J

    12 volt battery question

    You can get an inexpensive Bluetooth monitor from Amazon or Aliexpress. I have one my Expedition because it's driven infrequently. It works great, just walk up to the car and it will pull the voltage data. I got the idea from the I-Pace forum. Early I-Paces had two 12V batteries and the failure...
  11. J

    Is a 2013 with 125K worth anything?

    Does it even run properly? How do you know the battery didn't swell and leak? I'd say stay away. There are easier ways to make money.
  12. J

    New Tires

    I hate to keep this going in a tire thread. But the pre 2017 battery failures seem to relate to pack swelling due to defective design. The 2017+ models don't have this swelling issue, but at least one person on the FB forum had a 2017 pack fail, resulting in a vehicle buyback. I would keep the...
  13. J

    2017 FFE Battery degradation

    Perhaps the location in the pack is causing some deficiency in the cooling system efficacy, or higher C charge / discharge.
  14. J

    2017 FFE Battery degradation

    There are buffers on the top and bottom charge levels to protect the battery, so when the gauge indicates full the battery really isn't full. Same on the bottom, as full discharge will destroy the battery. Your routine is pretty much the same as mine. The packs get the job done as long as no...
  15. J

    2017 FFE Battery degradation

    I have a 2017 with 73,000 miles on it. At 68,000 miles, Forscan read the battery as having 25.8 kWh capacity. There's definitely been some degradation, but it hasn't impaired our use of the vehicle, except for winter when I have to be cautious with speed and heat use on some drives. I plan to...
  16. J

    New Tires

    Since it's paid off, the biggest costs will be depreciation and insurance. Do the math on those, vs some other vehicle, and see how the numbers shake out. My personal take is that a paid-off vehicle is not to be replaced unless it's costing a substantial amount in maintenance, insurance, etc...
  17. J

    Cold air intake results?

    It depends on how much of a restriction the stock intake is. Generally, there's a restriction at high RPM and the CAI will help there, but it's a nominal increase. Small NA engines just don't see much improvement from bolt ons. But they do sound nice, even if the acceleration doesn't match the...
  18. J

    AT&T sunset and MyFordMobile app

    Eventually it'll just be a picture of the car and some buttons for vehicle service appointments. Lol, Ford and its gimped software. What a joke.
  19. J

    Replace 12V lead battery with lithium-ion

    I would be very hesitant to do that. One issue you didn't mention is that the lithium can't charged in freezing temps. Also, because there's not much of a source apart from China, I would be concerned about quality control for an automotive application. Odyssey does make a 26R AGM pack that...