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    Would you buy another BEV?

    My FFE had 65k miles on the clock when I bought it. It came with some records by way of Carfax and dealership warranty repairs. The transmission had been replaced at one point under warranty. It came with a banged up passenger fender and needed a little bit of cosmetic work. Other than that...
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    Would you buy another BEV?

    I'm not sure if I will by buying another Battery Electric Vehicle. The Focus has left a bad taste in my mouth regarding legislation and marketing... On paper, the FFE made good sense. My commute is 25 miles one way, at highway speeds, with no charging at work, the 115 mile range as advertised...
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    Want a free 4G upgrade in DC area?

    I'm in Manassas VA. Just south of DC. I'd LOVE to update my FFE.
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    Anyone on the East Coast interested? (Washington DC area)

    My work schedule has changed to more telework. I honestly don't drive it as often as I should... And that means I have to downsize. As such, after a year of ownership my 2017 FFE is up for sale. As you know, the 2017-2018 models do not suffer from the battery pack leaks that the 2012-2016 and...
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    Usinig yesterday's drive to calculate today's range? Understanding the Guess-O-Meter?

    Problem is that my driving is NEVER consistent as noted by my short week driving above. I'm also still in the honeymoon phase of owning the FFE and still figuring it out. I kinda like the spaceship noises it makes under hard acceleration and regenerative braking. Right now, I'm sitting at a...
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    Usinig yesterday's drive to calculate today's range? Understanding the Guess-O-Meter?

    I'm not entirely sure I understand the battery gauge on the dashboard. I always start the morning's drive with a full charge off of my 240 VAC Level 2 EVSE. I do NOT have Low Rolling Resistance tires on my FFE, so I probably have a range penalty due to this. I'm okay with that. Thursday, I had...
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    Thoughts on cruising around in "L" mode all the time?

    I know there's no shiftable gears in the transmission and it's a one speed gear reduction box. I like the additional regenerative braking it provides. Just wondering if it'll ruin anything.
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    VERY short trips bad?

    I wouldn't think so. I use my FFE to drop my kids off at school a half mile away. (Why there isn't a law stating that there should be sidewalks on all roads within a mile of a school is beyond me.)
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    Reminder of why EVs can be awesome to own

    FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU......... They've increased the "Highway Use Fee" for EVs from $88.50 to $109 in Virginia
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    Reminder of why EVs can be awesome to own

    $10 here in Virginia. Except for my ham radio plates on my truck. It's a buck.
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    Stock Sony Amplifier / Subwoofer?

    According to the factory wiring diagrams, there is no amplifier for the FFE stereo system and no subwoofer. Just five speakers (Plus tweeters, less the one in the dashboard.) equating to nine total speakers. When I do upgrade my FFE's stereo, I will catalog my...
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    Sony ACM configurations

    This is the factory wiring diagrams:
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    Reminder of why EVs can be awesome to own

    $50 for a personalized plate?!
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    New potential owner; First post.

    Yeah, one wheel peels are hell on a differential. According to the documentation, the transmission has already been replaced once. 1.) I'm prepping on putting a complete 100 amp subpanel on the side of the house with the driveway. Should support two L2 EVSEs. Along with the 100 amp subpanel...
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    New potential owner; First post.

    I all but own my very own FFE. The Ford Excursion is consuming too much fuel for me to drive daily. It's being relegated to household project and road trip duty... And of course, towing my toys, my small collection of Mazda RX-7 sports cars around. The 2003 Mazda 6i that I picked up last year...