Questions about the 2012 Ford Focus Electric?

We all have questions – and Ford is being fairly tight lipped about most details surrounding the 2012 Ford Focus Electric. Here’s some of what we do know: Similar to other consumer-available plug-in passenger vehicles already on the market, the five-door hatchback, Ford Focus Electric 2012, will offer approximately 100 miles of range, internet connectivity, and efficient, low-cost, and near-silent operation.

However, the creators of 2012 Ford Focus Electric have listened to criticism of other electric cars, and have made many improvements, which set it above its closest competitors. For example, being able to charge in half the time on 240V home charging docks, stabilized battery operation over a wide range of temperatures due to liquid cooling and heating, and a customizable dash allowing drivers to organize the display information in whatever order they desire or find most important. The Ford uses the same plug-in as other electric cars, and has lights around the charge port that light up in sequence to visually indicate the state of charge.

The MyFord Touch driver interface and SmartGauge, introduced first in the Fusion Hybrid, provide drivers with useful diagnostics The 2012 Ford Focus Electric also includes the MyFord Touch EV system, which helps drivers plan their trips and consider the realities of battery driving range and also provides helpful coaching advice on braking and acceleration. Since owners of electric cars are focused on reducing their environmental impact, having the ability to customize the displays, makes conscious trip planning and minimizing the realities of battery range, a core part of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric driving experience. Ford also claims that the driving experience is comparable to a traditional car, while delivering efficiency and premium components.

For those concerned with installing and maintaining the charging station for the Focus Electric, Ford has announced that Best Buy will sell the charging stations and install them using the Geek Squad.

According to many Ford Focus Electric Forums, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric lives up to its specs, and the pricing will likely be competitive; many consumers may be enticed to switch their brand loyalty and get a Ford Focus Electric.

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    The new Fiesta ST concept unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show looks just awesome.. Ford’s new 1.0-L 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine boast the performance and fuel economy.

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