Production of the Ford Focus Electric begins!

This morning Ford sent out a press release announcing they had begun production of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric at the Michigan Assembly plant. The Ford Focus Electric is the first of its kind to feature faster charging, charging twice as fast as the Nissan Leaf. Ford is also hoping to achieve an EPA rating of 100MPGe.

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  • LeanianB says:

    Ford is unleashing a spate of green cars in the instant future. The Focus Electric is gradually being released in numerous states and the C-Max series are being released next year. Ford is out to master. The carmaker claims its brand new green automobiles are even more successful than the Nissan Motors Leaf and the Toyota Prius. These vehicles might be extremely productive. I will not be surprised that one day we will all just woke up and find out that all the cars are now electric. Well, for me this is much better because this might be the solution to our worsening environmental condition.

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