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Selling my FFE

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2022 3:37 pm
by aidansmccormick
I have a 2012 FFE that I just bought 6 months ago and now it is "totaled" because the battery is shot :( mechanic said a cell expanded in the battery and cracked it so leaking coolant. Not repairable so nothing we can do now but sell it I guess. Any advice on where to sell my car to recoup as much. money as possible?

Re: Selling my FFE

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2022 7:39 pm
by Anti_Climax
Parting it out would get you the most, by far.

With the volume of cars out there it may be a bit before someone would "need" it as a full parts car, but it is likely to happen eventually.

You might also be able to fix the battery. The dealer won't even try as they are not "serviceable", but can't really say what it would take.

If you do need to move it, get some offers and let us know what you're seeing.

Re: Selling my FFE

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2022 6:02 am
by Anti_Climax
Where are you located?