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Re: Auto door handle sensor not working

It's touch/proximity of the handles, it doesn't involve the fob buttons at all.

Also, when my fob contact broke free and acted like it was being continuously pressed, I bought a 2 pack of knock off fob cases and swapped the rubber into the old keys. Not bad for like $10.
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Re: Auto door handle sensor not working

121gigawatts wrote: Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:02 pm
Anti_Climax wrote:I see this behavior cyclicly in the winter. Doesn't get crazy cold in AZ but there seems to be a correlation between lower outdoor temps and the door lock sensors not reliably triggering with proximity.
I think you're on to something, because they've been working flawlessly in the 20's-30's. I had issues in single digits.
It only took us five winters to finally figure out that the touch sensor on the doors stops working in extreme cold. I haven't nailed down the point, but we recently had some weather that stayed below -10C (14F) for a few days and it just wouldn't work and had to use the key fob.

It generally stays above -5C (23F) and the doors work fine.

Oddly, it seems that it is the unlocking that is the main problem at cold temperatures as it seems to lock fine when that cold.
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