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VERY short trips bad?

Ok, I know for an ICE car that constant very short trips is really bad for the engine.

My commuting changed, I now take public transportation. I drive my car slightly less than 1 mile to the bus stop. Yes, I know I can simply walk that distance, however as a result of a previous car accident, I cannot.

Will this short commute kill my FFE? I leave the climate control off.

Thx all
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Re: VERY short trips bad?

I wouldn't think so.
I use my FFE to drop my kids off at school a half mile away.
(Why there isn't a law stating that there should be sidewalks on all roads within a mile of a school is beyond me.)
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Re: VERY short trips bad?

It shouldn't. In fact the car won't try to recharge the battery unless it drops below some threshold - to prevent excess wear from brief cycles. Also, the excessive wear on an ICE from short cycling is mostly due to they delay in oil flow during startup, which isn't a factor for our motor or "transmission"

Mine seems to shut off at a raw SoC of 95% on the pack (100% on the dash) and won't actually top back up with the charger until it's gone below like 92%. But I'd still plug it in all the same to support conditioning.
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