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Re: Forscan charging amps

Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:37 am

Carbuff wrote:I guess Im asking what is the pid that will tell me the amps being drawn from the charger. I know Ive seen a screenshot of someones app that showed a gauge with this info. Ive been charging with a 16amp (240v) charger and recently got one that I have set at 24 (service isnt high enough to set it at 30) and I want to see if the car is actually drawing the 24 amps. It does seem to be faster though.
I only have FORScan Lite for android but it was the SODBM module. There's a few entries for charger input amps, output current (that would be at the HVB's voltage so it would be a lower number), etc. Can even view the PWM pulse width of the pilot signal (so you know exactly what the EVSE is reporting for amperage if you do the math).
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Re: Forscan charging amps

Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:11 am

Hello everyone, yes, I had a similar problem, it was very annoying for me :oops:so I decided to replace all the wiring, speakers, control units, put a new amplifier, and a head unit.:nopictures: I both the new TPMS system and car play adapter for my Iphone 7 plus:) Yes, I spent a lot but it was :mrgreen:

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