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Ford Focus Electric Pre Orders

Does anybody know anything about a waiting list for the Focus EV?

I am hoping that Ford follows the same method as Nissan did with the Leaf. By offering pre orders of the Leaf, Nissan attached cars to owners rather than dealerships. That means that once the cars were available to be sold, the dealerships were competing for the orders and people were getting good deals on their Leafs - sometimes even below MSRP.

The way of the Chevy Volt was to attach cars to dealerships so people were competing for the cars and paying $5k or even $10K above MSRP to get one of the first cars!!

I guess Ford can charge a premium on the Ford Focus Electric for as long as the market can handle it... and rest assured there will be csome people willing to pay extra to get one of the first cars.

Jay Leno might be one of those people, although like the Leaf given to Lance Armstrong, Jay might be the celebrity spokesmodel that gets the car way before it's available to market for us normal people?
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Re: Ford Focus Electric Pre Orders

I think Jay Leno is such an awesome spokesman for the Ford Focus ev. I love watching his garage show on youtube. Here is the episode where he shows off the Ford 2012 Focus Electric and 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid:


Now here is a man that loves cars and is smart promoting the Ford Focus electric so the car must have merit. I would be willing to bet he also gets the cars for free or at a heavy discount. Leno's garage is so sweet and he is all about buying American!
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Re: Ford Focus Electric Pre Orders

Great to hear that! If a lot of consumers join the pr-orders, it would mean they really like the Ford Focus Electric cars. Having learned its lesson early on, Ford has continued to innovate and respond to the needs of its customers. In 1993, the company made it first foray into a more environmentally friendly ethanol-burning vehicle. In 1997 it started making taxicabs that run on natural gas.
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Re: Ford Focus Electric Pre Orders

Hello, My name is Thomas Cinelli from Hassett Ford from Wantagh New York.
We are the dealership that sold and delivered Whit Gallman his 2012 Ford Eletric Focus.
The good news is that I have four more to sell. The colors are Ingot Silver,Tuxedo Black,
Oxford White and White Platinum all with Light Stone leather .Please call me at 516-809-4401
so we can go over the 2012 Ford Electric Focus in more detail. I will have all four 2012 Electric Focus here at the dealership in the first part on the month of June. Thank You
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Re: Ford Focus Electric Pre Orders

Hi Thomas,

That's very kind of you to stop by the ford focus electric forum and extend your services. Its great to see the dealers stopping by and showcasing their inventory. A couple of quick questions about the focus ev.

-Will you be getting any other colors this year (once the below 4 are gone is that it for all of 2012 that you get)?

-Could you maybe post some pictures of the focus electric's you get in?

Once again very cool of you to stop by the ford focus electric forum. Keep us updated on any news you have!

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