Ford says selling 10 Ford Focus Electrics is on track

Ford has sold just 10 Ford Focus Electrics so far – 7 in December 2011 (just enough to squeak by it’s initial promise to deliver the Ford Focus Electric by 2012) and 3 more in January 2012.

According to Ford, only fleet customers have been able to purchase the Ford Focus Electric so far. “We are on track with the Focus Electric launch. We began by selling a small number of vehicles to a few fleet customers. We are now ramping up retail production to begin selling vehicles to retail customers in New York, New Jersey and California in the first half of this year. We then will expand sales to 16 other markets later this year.”

Ramping up retail production? Last Ford said is that the retail release of the Ford Focus Electric is pushed back to September 2012 except for the California, New York and New Jersey markets. These are the 19 launch markets that were originally supposed to have the Ford Focus Electric by the end of 2011… this all sounds very familiar to the GM Volt when it first came out.

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