Ford plans to build Ford Focus Electric in China

No – the Chinese built Ford Focus Electric won’t be shipped back to the US market – they will be sold to the Chinese Market!

Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally, in a television interview in China, said Ford may end up manufacturing electric vehicles, like the Ford Focus Electric, in China with the help of a local partner. No schedule has been released or even made mention of when the Ford Focus Electric could make its way to China.

Ford Focus Electric Front ViewChina is taking steps to try and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The government there has stated that it aims to have 1,000,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2015. Ford has reminded them that the success of transition to electric vehicles like the Ford Focus Electric depends on the charging and support infrastructure for the electric vehicles.

Ford is currently spending $1.6 Billion to build 4 factories in China. Ford is expecting to triple its model lineup to 15 Ford models by 2015.

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