Ford (hopes it is) joining the 100MPG club

Ford announced today that it expects the 2012 Ford Focus Electric hatchback to carry an EPA rating of 100MPGe. The ‘e’ in MPGe stands for equivalent and is used to measure the efficiency of battery powered cars in a method comparable to gasoline powered vehicles.Ford Focus EV

The 100MPGe isn’t even close to being official yet, it’s merely what Ford has been aiming for and it’s the rating they are hoping the EPA gives it’s Ford Focus Electric. If the Ford Focus Electric received the rating, it would make it the most fuel efficient five seater passenger vehicle in North America. The Nissan Leaf is rated a 99MPGe. The Mitsubishi iMiev would have them both beat at 112MPGe, but the iMiev is only a 4 passenger electric vehicle.

Ford is still playing games and holding out on us, because they still haven’t released the range of the Ford Focus Electric. Ford has said in the past that the Ford Focus Electric range will be competitive with other cars in the class – which should put it somewhere around the 73 mile range  of the Nissan Leaf (according to the EPA).

If you’re still looking for reasons to buy the Ford Focus Electric, remember the electric vehicle has an onboard charging system that can re-charge it’s batteries twice as fast as the charger on the Leaf.

The Ford Focus Electric qualifies for the $7500 federal tax credit in the US.

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