Ford Focus Sales up 115% in February

Ford released info that overall vehicle sales were up 14% in February 2012 when compared to February of last year when the company sold 179,119 new vehicles – but what about the Ford Focus Electric?Ford also said that sales of the Ford Focus have risen 115% with 23,350 Ford Focuses sold – that represents 40% of the total sales increase.

Vice President of US marketing, sales and service said “Sales momentum built as February unfolded, with higher fuel prices  driving consumer demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles in the second half of the month”.

With all the growing sales, many people wonder why the Ford Focus Electric still seems so elusive – sales were promised at the end of 2011, but no information is available as to whether any Ford Focus Electric vehicles were actually delivered or not.

Some on the Ford Focus Electric Forum speculate as to whether the huge demand for the Ford Focus with the internal combustion engine has been keeping Ford too busy to worry about a few hundred or few thousand Ford Focus Electric vehicles?

Earlier this year, at the start of January, Ford announced they were starting production of the Ford Focus Electric. We know that Google received a Ford Focus Electric to add to their fleet of electric self-driving vehicles, but that’s the only Ford Focus Electric that anyone has reported has been delivered to any customer.

Google gets Ford Focus Electric

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