Ford Focus Electric wi-fi network?

According to a Ford presentation by chief technology officer Paul Mascarenas, within 10 years or more most of the nation’s fleet of cars could be connected to each other on the road via wi-fi network technology.

Off-board (meaning not in the car) Ford Focus Electric owners will be able to maintain constant contact with the car anywhere they have mobile service using the MyFord mobile app – the app monitors vehicle functions and charge settings.

Wi-fi enabled vehicles like the Ford Focus Electric would be able to communicate real time information with one another to help reduce traffic congestion and assist in avoiding accidents. If a vehicle in front slams on the brakes because of sudden traffic slow down, it could warn cars behind it and have them prime the brakes. It could also tell vehicles a few miles back to find a new route to avoid the slow down.

Mascarenas also imagines an extended auto-based Wi-Fi network in the Ford Focus Electric and other vehicles that could help motorists find and reserve parking spots, and perhaps even pay tolls remotely.

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  • Ford St Louis says:

    Ford’s new technology will hopefully prevent accidents in the future since the majority of accidents are caused by driver error. The wifi technology has the potential to be used for many other things too besides just avoiding accidents; perhaps drivers will be able to communicate with one another.

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