Ford Focus Electric steals the limelight

The Consumer Electronic Show is the soon-to-be next-big-thing in the world of auto shows. The reason is the success of electric and plug-in hybrids such as Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. While both these EVs were the heroes of last year’s CES, 2011 saw a new and promising contender. The limelight of 2011 CES was stolen by the 2012 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle – nearly two years after the Ford Focus Electric concept was introduced in the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric not only managed to appear as a solid contender of Volt and Leaf, it also overshadowed other EVs making their debute that night. Those included some much anticipated names such as Audi’s A8-etron and Nissan’s EN-V. Later in the 2011 Washington Auto Show, the Ford Focus EV also bagged the 2011 Green Car Vision Award.

What made the Ford Focus EV a potential contender to Volt and Nissan is its lower battery charging time, better range and the fact that it is pure electric. Of course, Leaf also is pure electric, but waiting four 6 to 8 hours to charge throws it in the backseat. As for the Volt, the fact that it is not a pure electric simply eliminates it from the competition.

The newer cars revealed that night, however, were technically more competitive. Unfortunately, neither EN-V nor A8-etron is expected to be the affordable electric vehicle that might help increasing EV’s mainstream popularity and acceptance. EV supporters hope that the Ford Focus Electric will be priced at or below the price of the Nissan Leaf.

Competition aside, let’s not forget that the 2012 Ford Focus electric is an amazing car in itself. Choosing the existing gas-powered sedan’s chassis will help it in maintaining the driving dynamics of the non electric Ford Focus. That has been proved by the many test drives conducted so far. The performance is nothing less than electrifying. Not only does this car harness 130 hp at a very low torque, it can also achieve a top speed of 84 mph.

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric also gives an exciting, smooth and noise free ride along with superb control and handling. The overall driving experience is made even more interesting with all the features and infotainment system inside the cabin. Even after all these perks, the EV is expected to be priced somewhere between the Leaf and the Volt.

Conclusively, this EV does deserve all the limelight because it is part ‘superstar’ and part ‘people’s champ’- and overall, a ‘winner’ – in the league of electric vehicles.

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