Ford Focus Electric dealer network

Ford Focus Electric in New York

Ford’s Focus Electric dealer network is ready to go, waiting for delivery of the Ford Focus Electric so that salesmen can start working their magic. There are currently 67 Ford Focus Electric dealerships located in California, New York and New Jersey.

For a list of the dealers, check out the Focus Electric Forum post for California dealerships and New York dealerships and New Jersey dealerships.

In order to be part of the Focus Electric dealership network, Ford dealers had to meet Ford’s approval by completing the following:

  • Install two charging stations or more, one in the customer area and one in the service area.
  • Participate in an energy survey to identify energy and cost-saving opportunities designed to lower the dealer’s carbon footprint, lower operating costs and increase energy efficiency.
  • Ensure that 80 percent of sales and service staff were appropriately trained in electric vehicle technology. For service staff, this meant undergoing additional high-voltage training.
  • Have at least one 2012 Ford Focus Electric available at all times for demonstrations and promotional events.
  • Have the showroom kitted out with point-of-purchase information about the Ford Focus Electric, including digital assets and window signs.

Now all that’s left to do is wait until Ford starts delivering the Focus Electric.

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