Ford Focus Electric conversion for the government

Announced today, Niyato Industries is aiming at the 600,000 government vehicles in the United States. Obama issues a directive to cut oil based fuel usage. As a result of that mandate, the General Services Administration is looking to convert it’s 600,000 vehicle fleet to alternative fuels by 2015.

Niyato is looking to raise $20 million to boost production and begin conversions. Having negotiated with Ford, Niyato will be converting full gasoline cars (or perhaps a complete-minus engine version) of the Ford Focus, Fusion, Fiesta and Escape.

Niyato claims it will be making these conversions with 100% US built vehicles and components, something none of the major automakers can say about their 100% electric vehicles.

Although Niyato hasn’t release any pricing information, they are claiming they can make the cars “more affordable than what is currently offered on the market today.”

Niyato has successfully negotiated deals with UQM technologies based out of Colorado for the use of their electric motors and controllers. Another deal with BorgWarner means they’ll be using their 31-03 eGear Drive.

Niyato’s site contains renderings of Ford vehicles re-badged Niyato and re-named the Wind, the Trak, and the Fire. The site also contains spelling and grammatical errors, something you don’t see too often on a company looking for $20 million and claiming “GSA has seen our EEV specs and is excited to help work with us to convert the entire Federal fleet of vehicles under President Obama’s initiative.”

Visit for more detailed vehicle specifications.

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  • Scott says:

    I read at this site, in the first paragraph that Ford Focus Electric is expected to be released in the range of $30-37,000. Niyato’s conversion vehicle price has not been finalized but will be released at a lower range than what was quoted on the above article.

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