Ford Focus Electric at New York Motorexpo

The Motorexpo is an auto show like no other – it takes cars out of the dealership and into the business core of cities around the world. Why? Because car companies have realized there are lots of people that are ‘time-poor but cash-rich’.

The show is free for anyone to visit, and the show co-ordinators say:

… it’s just the cars, product specialists, and an opportunity to sit in any of them, fool with them and set up test drives.

Noteworthy is that Ford will be there with the 2011 Ford Focus Electric. If the show is what they say it is, this could be the first real opportunity for the general public to sit in, touch, and even set up a test drive for the Ford Focus Electric?

Will it happen? Maybe the Ford Focus Electric really is ready to go and this is the first step in creating some buzz before the Ford Focus Electric goes to launch!

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