First Ford Focus Electric vehicles on their way to dealerships

2012 Ford Focus Electric

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is officially on its way to dealerships. 67 dealerships in California, New Jersey and New York are doing to be the first to receive the Focus Electric vehicles. About 6 Ford Focus Electric’s will end up on each car lot. One of the requirements to be a Focus Electric dealership is to have a vehicle as a demonstrator, which means only 5 of those 6 vehicles will be for sale.

Although Ford is only aiming to sell 5000 Focus Electrics this year, Ford does electric and hybrid vehicles to account for up to 25% of vehicle sales by 2020.

The Ford Focus Electric was built on the proven Ford Focus chassis which helps keep costs down and sped up development time.

Once the initial 350 cars are delivered to the 67 pilot dealerships, other Ford dealers across the nation will start getting the Focus EV before summer. Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood told the press that Ford is “still on track to begin shipping the Focus Electric this spring.”

Ford has made no official comments about this recent news, but people familiar with the matter told Reuters that Ford manufacturing executives signed off on the delivery decision on Friday.

While Ford Canada has been relatively quiet about their Focus Electric roll-out plans, there is a member on the Ford Focus Electric Forum who says his car is to be assembled May 21st and delivered on June 5th.

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