Costco Removes Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle drivers in California have been shocked to find that the charging stations have been removed from some Costco locations. After more digging, it was discovered that Costco plans on removing all electric vehicle charging stations.
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at CostcoWhile large retailers like Best Buy, Ikea, and Walgreens have announced plans to install electric vehicle charging stations at various chain locations, it seems like a strange time for Costco to be removing their chargers. And it’s not just because the chargers are outdated – Costco has declined to participate in a California Energy Commission program that would cover all expenses associated with upgrading the charging equipment for the new market.

Since this issue has come into the limelight, Plug In America has been fast to respond. ‘Plug In America urges Costco to rethink their decision,” says co-founder Marc Geller.

The New York Times reported that no one uses the Costco chargers. “At our Folsom store, the manager said he hadn’t seen anybody using the E.V. charging in a full year. At our store in Vacaville, where we had six chargers, one person plugged in once a week.” Says Dennis Hoover, the general manager for Costco in Northern California. “Why should we have anybody spend money on a program that nobody’s thought through?”

Tom Saxton, from Washington State, and on the board of Directors for Plug In America, said “We know for a fact that many of the Costco chargers are used on a regular basis.”

Plug In America has issued an action alert to their members, and since August 14th, over 700 electric vehicles drivers have sent emails to the CEO of Costco urging them to stop removing the charging stations, and instead upgrade them at no cost through the California Energy Commission program.

Visit the Plug In America Action Alert

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