Coda Sedan rep unplugs Forbes Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric plugged in

This isn’t really news, more just a funny story about

what can happen when you unplug someone else’s electric vehicle in order to charge your own. First off you make someone else angry. Second, you could find yourself a mini celebrity as did the Nissan Leaf owner who unplugged another Leaf at an airport which left the returning owner’s electric vehicle dead in the water (or dead in the parking lot).

While the Forbes editor was sipping an unspecified drink at a cafe Saturday night waiting for the Ford Focus Electric to charge, they received a text message from the car stating ‘Tuxedo Black CA 3801 had an accidental unplug while charging.’ Accidental – actually, a Coda Sedan was parked next to it with the charger now plugged into it.

Coda Sedan stole plug

The Forbes editor posted on Twitter “@CODAautomotive – My Ford Focus texted me you unplugged my car while it was charging at a Berkeley garage. Way uncool.” and later received a reply from Coda Automotive “@greenwombat Didn’t mean to cause any harm @CODASV must’ve been in a pinch. #needmorepublicharging.”

As more electric cars hit the road, we can expect more parking lot rage as drivers vie for the few available public electric vehicle charging spots.

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