Charging station infrastructure in the NorthEast

From Massachusetts to Maryland, 10 states are joining forces to promote electric vehicles including the 2012 Ford Focus Electric.

The Northeast Electric Vehicle Network announced it will work to help plan and install charging stations throughout the region. The Northeast Electric Vehicle Network will also work at attracting private investment in clean vehicle infrastructure.Marc Geller, co-founder of Plug In America says that 90 percent of charging of electric vehicles happens at home. Initiatives like this one by the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network will hope to change those numbers.

Associate director of global electric vehicle infrastructure at Ford, Mike Tinskey says car manufacturers have agreed on a standard plug for all electric vehicles – we’re hoping that means the 2012 Ford Focus Electric will come with that plug.

Tinskey says the only difference now is the speed of the charging station. Faster stations could have the ability to charge the Ford Focus Electric in 15 minutes, but those charging stations are bigger and about 10 times as expensive as the slower charging stations that would take 3 to 4 hours.

Ford is launch the Ford Focus Electric later this year. Although the 2012 Ford Focus Electric is an all electric car, Ford believes the majority of electric vehicles sold will be plug-in hybrids.

Nationwide there are approximately 3,000 ‘slower’ chargers, and the number is expected to rise to about 12000 next year.

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