Ford doesn’t just do cars

Earlier this year, Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally took the stage and delivered the keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. His address started by introducing the Ford Focus Electric, and ended by saying Ford is no longer just a car company, it’s also a technology company. Ford’s Sync system was first introduced in Ford doesn’t just do cars

Ford creates video game to showcase new features

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is not just electric when it comes to the drive train. Ford has bundled tons of new features into the new Ford Focus and many of them will carry over to the Ford Focus Electric when it’s available later this year.

Ford Focus Electric home solar charging option?

If driving an electric vehicle isn’t beating the system enough, perhaps charging your 2012 Ford Focus Electric with solar panels would be? Ford has announced it is teaming up with SunPower, an established solar provider, to sell a solar energy system with the Ford Focus Electric.