Ford Focus Electric App now available

Ford has released an iPhone App (and Android Phone app – no mention at all about availability on Windows phones) to help Ford Focus Electric owners stay in the loop about their car’s charge status. The app lets Focus Electric drivers use MapQuest to plan the most efficient route to a destination, and it helps Ford Focus Electric App now available

Ford (hopes it is) joining the 100MPG club

Ford announced today that it expects the 2012 Ford Focus Electric hatchback to carry an EPA rating of 100MPGe. The ‘e’ in MPGe stands for equivalent and is used to measure the efficiency of battery powered cars in a method comparable to gasoline powered vehicles.

Costco Removes Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle drivers in California have been shocked to find that the charging stations have been removed from some Costco locations. After more digging, it was discovered that Costco plans on removing all electric vehicle charging stations.

Ford Focus Electric home solar charging option?

If driving an electric vehicle isn’t beating the system enough, perhaps charging your 2012 Ford Focus Electric with solar panels would be? Ford has announced it is teaming up with SunPower, an established solar provider, to sell a solar energy system with the Ford Focus Electric.

Walgreens may charge to charge your Ford Focus Electric

As we wrote about a few days ago, Walgreens is planning on installing charging stations at about 800 of it’s 7700 stores around the country by the end of the year. We had also talked about how the charging stations may be a level 3 charge that the 2012 Ford Focus Electric doesn’t even have.