The Ford Focus Electric is now available in select West Coast and East Coast states. For the first few months of production, Ford will be focusing on New York and California. Ford is still planning on launching the Focus EV in 13 more states later this year.

For more details on buying a Focus Electric, visit the Ford Focus Electric Forum section labeled Buying / Leasing / Dealerships

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, click here to see which dealerships have the Focus Electric. For Southern California residents, here is a list of Focus Electric dealers.

For New York and New Jersey residents, there is a thread on the Focus Electric Forum for New York dealers as well.

Ford Focus Electric deliveryFor the rest of us, the game is the same as it has been for almost 2 years. Sit and wait – and hope that Ford continues as planned with the Ford Focus Electric and that it will be coming to a dealer near you!

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