2012 Ford Focus ST

Since the Ford Focus is going on the Global C platform, this is the first time that Ford’s performance Focus will be available world wide.

While the Focus ST is obviously not an Electric Ford Focus, with it’s turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, there are other features that we’d like to see on at least one version of the Ford Focus Electric.On vehicles like the Ford Focus Electric, weight is always important, so we’re not sure how much the Ford Focus ST’s wheels weigh, but we like them, and they’re wrapper in Goodyear Eagle F1 tires.

Ford has also redesigned the electronic stability control to be less intrusive to the driver. I’ve never really been a fan of stability controls in my personal vehicles, so this would be a welcome change in the Ford Focus Electric, although unlikely. The stability control includes sub controls such as enhanced dynamic cornering control, TSC, and an option for wide-slip mode.

Ford has also added enhanced torque vectoring control to the Focus ST – since electric motors have more torque then their gasoline counterparts, it will be vary interesting to see if this makes it into the Ford Focus Electric.

For suspension on the Focus ST, Ford has lowered the front 10mm, upgraded shocks, and added stronger knuckles in the rear and a new anti-roll bar.

Although we love the center mounted exhaust on the Focus ST, it’s unlikely to make it to the Ford Focus Electric…


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