2012 Ford Focus Electric keeping it’s cool

2012 will be Ford’s time to shine, not because Toyota will require quite some time to recover from the damage done by the earthquake disaster, but because the brand is finally stepping into the all-electric market. The 2012 Ford Focus Electric will be Ford’s answer to the Prius. Yet, we all know the competition is already furious out there with another American counterpart already outsmarting the Prius with their Volt plug in hybrid.

Ever since Ford has announced their electric vehicle, there is one question on the minds of all EV enthusiasts – is Ford really going to keep up in this competitive and advanced market? The answer is simple; Ford will have to come up with something truly innovative – A car that does not only give excellent mileage but showcases unique technology as well.

It seems like the American auto giant has already been working on that plan. The hallmark of 2012 Ford Focus Electric vehicle is its high-end battery cooling system. According to official announcements made by the company, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric will use the same lithium-ion battery used by most electric vehicles. Along with these batteries, an advanced liquid cooling and heating system will be used in order to keep the performance optimized for extreme weather conditions.

One very common complaint regarding these batteries is their heating issue. In hot weather, high temperature calls for a limit on the use of energy from the battery. This marginally reduces the performance and range of these batteries. The cooling and heating system will remove these climatic constraints from the batteries. As a result, the Ford EV will be able to give its best performance regardless of the weather.

The decision to add this innovation seems to be very clever for Ford as most of their nineteen pilot markets include warm weathered areas such as Arizona, Los Angeles and Richmond. Other than this liquid cooling system, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle will also be hailing a lot of other features which EV enthusiasts are really looking forward to.

Focus EV’s all electric motor will be accompanied by a single speed tranny. This transmission is able to handle the high RPM range of the motor. Inside the car are eco-friendly seats and Ford’s amazing infotainment system with customizable screens. This system is designed in order to help drivers in controlling their car’s performance and fuel efficiency.

While Prius and Volt have already cleared the visions of future for electric vehicles, 2011 Ford Focus Electric will define the path to it. The technology is still in its initial stages and technical enhancements in the Ford Focus EV show us that there is a huge scope for further enhancements and innovations to make this technology truly great in every sense.

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