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Re: Car will not start

Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:28 pm

triangles wrote:
tinilk wrote:After going through all this I just wonder how much diagnosis and repair training Ford offers to EV-certified dealerships. The evidence says nowhere near enough.
I don't believe diagnosis and repair training are the problem here. Ford could probably improve the diagnostic equipment some but I think the main problem is the design of the FFE itself. While it's great when it works, it clearly wasn't designed with troubleshooting in mind. There is no datalogging of states so when an intermittent problem crops up there is no way for a technician to know what happened. The FFE is still a first generation EV. It's EV components have remained virtually unchanged since being introduced in late 2011 so while it maybe not forgivable, these short comings are at least understandable. Hopefully Ford has learned from these design issues of the FFE and future ford EV's won't be as difficult to fix when things go wrong.
I wonder if this troubleshooting issue is any better with other EVs like the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf?
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Re: Car will not start

Thu May 03, 2018 5:48 am

This week's update, the dealer found an internal short in the motor electrics wiring harness. So they're waiting for that harness to be shipped. Dunno if they already received the HVB connector that they ordered before, or if both parts are shipping together.

Meanwhile Ford's CSMs have given up. My last email from a CSM who I recognized was 2 weeks ago. Since then I got three different emails from other CSMs who I've never talked to, all with the same boilerplate message copy & pasted: "We just wanted to touch base with you today in regards to your case. The dealer is in the process of repairing your 2014 Focus as we speak as the engineer was successful in diagnosing your vehicle and offering a repair process. Please provide us with a valid phone number so we may continue to follow up on your case accordingly. Thank you."

I replied to the first email with my phone number, which of course they already have. No reply back.
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Re: Car will not start

Fri May 04, 2018 7:44 am

Carbuff wrote:Latest update is that the field service engineer has approved the replacement of the battery and is waiting for the final approval paperwork from ford to order the battery. Not sure exactly how this differs from what Ive been waiting for for the last 2 weeks. I guess it means no more fishing expeditions to check random things and Im one step away from a new battery. Not holding my breath but it seems like progress in the right direction. On another note, the dealership needed the 2018 escape back as the mileage was getting too high for the program that the car was in. So, the replacement is a brand new 2018 ecosport with 100 miles on it. At first glance its a shorter stubby version of the escape. I guess like a jeep renegade type thing. I drove it briefly last night and its a typical ecoboost buzzy box of bees. Its actually got a bigger motor than the escape had. 2.0 vs 1.6, but seems to drive the same. I floored it a couple of times from about 30 mph. Not really impressed. Maybe it needs more miles to work better, Idk. Interior is spartan compared to other ford models. Less console, more open space. Kinda old school, maybe cheap feeling. Its an ses 4wd and the sticker is 27k. Hopefully I dont have it long enough to form a greater opinion. LOL.
Escape is designed from the Focus platform.
Ecosport is designed from the Fiesta platform.

Ecosport is supposed to compete with the smaller CUV's like GM's Buick Encore.
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Re: Car will not start

Fri May 04, 2018 8:40 am

Wow the tables have turned, now YOU get a new battery!

My rental Corolla started complaining about "maintenance required" and they asked me to take it to Valvoline lol. Now that it has an oil change I guess I can still keep it for another few weeks or months, who knows?
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Re: Car will not start

Wed May 09, 2018 11:35 am

Carbuff wrote:So, an update. Today the super duper ford field engineer, along with a team of guys from dearborn, the service manager, the dealership owner and the techs spent an hour and a half running a butt load of tests on my car to get to the bottom and make a decision on a course of action. I was told that the whole thing was videotaped with cameras, at dearborn"s request. After all was said and done the dealership has been authorized to order the new.................... motor. Darn, I was really hoping for the new battery. The added capacity would have made it worth the wait. And its half the price of the motor, cmon ford ,its a no brainer. LOL. I guess a new motor is a good thing too even though the car only has 12k miles on it. I dont think I will notice the new motor except for that my car will not be getting wrench messages and SSN triangles. Evidently there was some voltage fluctuation in the tcm that indicated that the motor was bad. This was diagnosed as such months ago but ford denied the motor replacement at that time. Go figure. Maybe the new motor will not fix the problem. Then Ill get a new motor and a new battery! LOL. Sounds funny but I believe thats what happened to the other guy who had his battery replaced in the other thread. Oh, well now its just waiting for the part to get ordered and such. And of course I wont believe it until theres a new motor sitting in the dealership with my name on it. LOL.
If this were me, and I wasn't getting a new battery, I would be starting lemon law proceedings.......or insisting the exchange your car with one with similar miles and equipment.

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