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Re: FFE is gone

Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:14 am

I changed for a variety of reasons. First, I was concerned about long-term support for the FFE from Ford. Second, the trade-in was so good. Third, my carpool lane sticker was going to expire. And fourth, I wanted a Tesla. When I bought my Tesla, the $7500 federal tax credit still applied, so that helped in the cost trades as well. Although that isn't true, purchase price of a Tesla has dropped since I bought mine (although, the configuration I bought, Long Range Rear Wheel Drive) isn't offered any more.

I love the Tesla. 20,000 miles so far, averaging 235 Wh/mi (a bit better than the FFE). Way more fun to drive, plus the Autopilot feature is awesome, particularly on my commute in LA traffic. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

GONE - 2015 FFE, Magnetic with leather interior, debadged & tinted
38,500 miles (since May 2015), average 246 Wh/mile

REPLACED WITH - 2018 Tesla Model3, LR RWD, Obsidian Black
20,000 miles (since Nov 2018), average 235 Wh/mile

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Re: FFE is gone

Fri Sep 04, 2020 2:02 pm

If you think its affordable, I highly recommend any model Tesla. (The Model Y is AWESOME.) Joe Rogan had Rich Benoit on his show a while back, and Rich had an interesting story about how to make the proven Model S affordable for the not-so-rich amongst us.

My '16 Focus Electtric, even with its horrible 76 mile range, is a very useful car for me. Drives like a sports car, as most know who have driven any Focus, has that Euro Hot-Hatch VW GTI feel to it, which works well. It's cheap. That counts a lot for some of us. I plan to keep mine through its 8 year battery & electronics system warranty. After that, I might just wait til something big breaks and then drive it off a cliff with cardboard images of Thelma & Louise in it.

Stay tuned for my tutorial on how to change the engine oil & spark plugs on a Focus Electric, you'll enjoy doing that job...... :roll:

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