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I need help or some sugestion.

Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:54 pm

This is my second FFE I really like this car but I live in Norway and here is no people som can repair this car. Only idiots. First totally new FFE after 2.000 km - engine replacement, after next 800km, battery replacement and after next 500 km all cables between battery and engine and finally all Sync3 - after this i got totally new FFE 2019 and now after 7000 km TCU module is dead. Of course replaced but still no-one knows how to programming this. Module is in factory mode have connection witch network good signal but still not coming anything on sync to accept:-((
Ford dealer is working on it 5 weeks and dont know how to help me :-(
Someone know what can be wrong and how to move this modem out from factory settings?? Whats wrong ?? Dealer can give me full access to service software, cables and all what i need but I have to know what to do :-)
Someone can give me some tips before stupid Norwegians will replace all parts during 1 year on service ?? Its this car a crap or just I have problems. One car OK I understand but this is second in 5 months....

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Re: I need help or some sugestion.

Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:37 am

Is there such thing as a 2019 FFE??
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