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FFE 2013 now at dealer for 7 weeks for battery tests

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2020 8:21 pm
by oneidwally
Hi everyone - thanks for all the great info and help on this forum! I have a 2013 FFE that recently started having the wrench light turn on. I took it to a dealer to do all the warranty repairs and to figure out what was causing the service light. The've now had the vehicle going on 2 months, and the service rep just keeps telling me that their technician has to follow each of the diagnostic tests exactly by Ford. He's always vague and never says what they're actually testing for. I've read that others on this forum have had their cars in for multiple months - usually you get a new (now only refurbished) battery out of the wait... Mine is no longer covered by any warranty that I know of at this point, by the rep says as long as they follow all the testing protocol, they will replace the battery. Is there anything I can or should do or say while they keep my car for so long? I still owe a couple thousand on the car, and would hate to have to scrap it if they don't replace the battery. Anyone know what the parts value of the vehicle is? :?

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Re: FFE 2013 now at dealer for 7 weeks for battery tests

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:12 pm
by oneidwally
An update - after pressuring the service representative at the Ford dealer for a timeline, he said 3 more weeks. So it sounds like my care will be on part with the 2-3 months that most everyone else is experiencing.

On the plus side, if they do put in a new battery, I hear that Carvana will pay a very decent price to buy a used FFE.

Re: FFE 2013 now at dealer for 7 weeks for battery tests

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 3:31 pm
by oneidwally
Final update - I'm getting the FFE back this week, after 4 months at the Ford dealer service center. They are putting in a remanufactured battery, fully covered by warranty, which they said is about $24,000 for parts and labor. I regret not being more on top of things and asking if I could have paid the difference to get a new battery. I'm not sure they would have allowed it anyways.

Good luck to everyone with battery issues! It's a test of patience, and now that the early models of FFEs are hitting the 8-year mark, the warranty won't cover the replacements.

Also, Carvana is paying a decent price to buy used FFEs in certain markets, above kelly blue book. I was quoted $6,800 in March (when I had hoped to get the car back) The price has dropped a bit with the conoravirus throwing a lot of uncertainty into the used car markets - it was $5,700 last week. But it's still a better deal than other trade-in offers.