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FFE not obeying Juicebox EVSE charge timer.

Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:46 pm

The past few weeks my 2017 FFE has not be reliably obeying my Juicebox charge timer. First let my start by saying that I know the FFE is at fault and not the juicebox because I also own a Leaf and have been using the same procedure with the Leaf and testing it with the Leaf working fine.

Here's what happens. My FFE is set to value charge at home 11-7. However, I often set my Juicebox to start at around 3AM and to do a % stop at around 90%. This allow my car to be ready to go at about a 90% charge, shortly before I leave for work. It also allows me to head outside around 6AM and switch over to the Leaf so that my wife can get a charge as well.

Lately the FFE will simply ignore the start time and not charge. I'm not really sure why. If I plug the car in at say 9PM and set the Juicebox app to start at 3AM with the battery at 40% and stop at 90%, it just doesn't charge at all. I've learned that I can force a start by either killing the start time on the juicebox app and then sending a new command to "start now" or by toggling off and on the value/chargenow command in the MyFordMobile App. I think each command does the same thing, tricks the car into thinking that it has been unplugged, and then starting a charge again, but both cases eliminate my ability to use the charge/limit timer in my juicebox.

The only other variable is that I've been using 110v at work the past few weeks since I'm at a different site for a month and they don't have L2. I'm not sure how this could impact it, unless the predictive start/stop time is impacted by the switch from 110v to 220v each day/night.

Any thought? I'm trying to do a download of the newest sync to see if that fixes it.

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