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Re: What are you using for a charging station?

Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:31 pm

When we bought a Fusion Energi, I installed a Leviton EVB22-3PT 16 amp 3.8 kW unit not thinking that we would buy an all electric car just two months later.

I'd like to put the 3.8 kW unit up on Amazon and upgrade to a 7.2 kW unit in order to bring charging time on the Focus down. Overnight charging doesn't matter whether it is 4 hours or 6. The ability to add 21 miles per hour to the battery between trips rather than 9 or 10 per hour would be nice.

I need to run about 50 feet of heavier wire and put in a 40 Amp breaker to do the upgrade. I wonder if there is something I could upgrade or adjust in the guts of the Leviton unit that would allow it to send more juice to the car without having to replace the whole unit. Anybody know the insides of these thing?
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Re: What are you using for a charging station?

Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:25 am

I'm using the Voltec charger that was specifically marketed for the Volt. I, too, would like to upgrade some day but I cannot justify the cost right now since I have already paid to install that one twice (I moved last summer). I hear great things about the Clipper Creek chargers. My friend who just bought himself a Volt in January is installing one this week.

If you do decide to sell, you could post over on the gm-volt forum as well since the Volt will only charge at the lower rate.

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Re: What are you using for a charging station?

Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:08 am

Gigi wrote:Anybody know the insides of these thing?
Modifying an existing EVSE is probably not a good idea. But the key thing to check is the relay (or contactor) rating. Then I'd also check any fuses/breakers and wire gauges. If it was designed for 16A then it's unlikely that any of the critical internal components are going to be rated for 30A (since they would likely go cheaper).

The most important part though is the pilot signal. It tells the car how much current to use. If the EVSE is all analog, then I suppose you could probably change the pwm cycle by changing a resistor or capacitor (possibly). Otherwise it's much more of a hack.

Personally, I decided to build my own EVSE inspired by the OpenEVSE project. Check out their website for lots of good information on how these things work.

By the way... I am going to have some spare parts from my design and could build some copies (or supply it as a kit) if anyone is interested, just contact me.

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Re: What are you using for a charging station?

Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:58 pm

Focused_Driver wrote:I purchased the HCS-40 from Clipper Creek and installed it myself, hardwired. I am very happy with it so far, have been charging with it daily since mid December. I figured I needed the 7.2kW rating of this unit to support the 6.6kW rating of the FFE. It has done a full charge from zero in approx. 3.5 hours so I believe what Ford said in that regard. I actually ran the car to the "battery depleted" warning and then up and down my street until it died- only got another mile after the depleted warning before it died. Pushed it home and into my driveway to get it plugged back in.

The wall unit is very simple, seems quite sturdy and was pretty easy to mount. I would have liked more than 25 feet of cord but I measured before I bought and know it would work. The cord seems to be high quality and the handle fits very well into the receptacle in the car. Unit was packaged well, came with clear instructions and all the mounting hardware I needed to get it on the wall. I felt the price was great too for a unit to support the 6.6kW rating of the car.

I bought it for $590 + S&H. Seemed like a very good price, hopefully it lasts. ... Detail.bok
I did this as well, very happy with it.

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