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Global Windows Opening on FFE

Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:37 am

I have successfully done the Global Open/Close on my 2013 FFE and a 2015 C-Max SEL (Closing) will be trying out the Fusion (Closing) as well, I will post my feedback later on.

Enjoy the Video https://photos.app.goo.gl/kYUVbQtH2OD1dDb63

I will also be posting the steps. ;)

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Re: Global Windows Opening on FFE

Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:23 pm

good job man

waiting for the steps :D

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Re: Global Windows Opening on FFE

Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:26 am

That post was over a year old. Not likely to hear back from them. It's fairly simple. You just need a USB ELM357 ODBII dongle and a laptop with both Focccus and Forscan programs. I'm not sure but you may be able to use a BT or WiFi dongle as well. Focccus is really buggy so you need Forscan to clear the plethora of DTCs that Focccus will generate. Also don't be surprised if you have to run the focccus program dozens of times until it finally completes it's read cycle. Some have been able to get Focccus to read with few issues, for me it was incredibly aggravating. I lost count of how many retries before a successful read. I also remember tweaking my com port settings that seemed to help. It was so long ago I don't remember what I had tweaked.
- Anyway once you get focccus to read your car's configuration (pressing "read from BCM" button) you simple go to parameter 184 and select the "(Bmax)" option as shown. FYI I highly recommend saving the configuration before changing anything. That way if you inadvertently screw something up you can always reload the factory config.
- Then you have to write that config to the car (pressing "write to BCM" button).
- Now that you have enabled this feature you simply need to run Forscan to clean up all the DTCs caused by Focccus.
- You are done and now have global open/close.
I find the feature mostly useless as it doesn't appear to work unless you are with in about 15-20 feet of the car. It's been a while since I've used it so I don't remember exactly but I think you have to double press and hold on the second press the unlock to open the windows and I think a single press and hold on the lock button puts the windows up. I'm probably remembering this wrong so you'll just have to try it and see what works.
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